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Why choose Tiny Acorns?

Our goal is to connect with the babies & grown-ups in our fun-filled imaginative classes. Your children will be learning without even realising it … they (and you) will be having too much fun! I look forward to meeting you and your little one!


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Laura, Managing Director

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Hi, my name is Sharon.

I bumped into Tiny Acorns when my daughter was a few months old and I was looking for a fun, active and welcoming group to take her to. Four years later we have been to baby, music, toddling, art, sport and dance classes as well as some of the mums’ social events. When your sister tells you that your 4 1/2 year old has been teaching her Agadoo you know she enjoys herself!

Bethany`s arrival also brought with it a chance to make the move from my desk job to something I really want to do. In early 2012 I trained as a volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporter with the NCT working with Children`s Centres, Health Visitors and Midwives.

When the opportunity came along to become part of the Tiny Acorns Team it was one I could not miss. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing the fun and games.

Sharon, Franchise Owner, Luton


Sharon is a Tiny Acorns Class Leader


Hello, my name is May.

I was first introduced to Tiny Acorns when my little boy started going to classes with my sister and her daughter. When I was able to go along I always had lots of fun, but more importantly saw how much fun my little boy was having.

As he got older and moved through the classes I saw how the familiarity of being in the Tiny Acorns environment but with the excitement of new activities made every Tiny Acorns class special for him. When I decided to move away from my career as a florist I started running classes in Hemel Hempstead.

I now run classes in Hemel, Berkhamsted, Chesham and Wendover. I have so much fun that it doesn't feel like work and I'm loving what do! I hope to meet you at one of my classes very soon! :)



May is a Tiny Acorns Class Leader


Hello, my name is Holly.

I first stumbled across Tiny Acorns when my daughter was a few months old and as a favour I said I would look after my friend’s son for the afternoon who was the same age. As you can imagine, as a new mum not overly confident in looking after her own baby and terrified of someone else’s, I soon realised that I needed to get out of the house with these bundles of joy.

I Googled Mummy and Baby classes in the area and I saw that there was a Tiny Acorns starting in 40 minutes time, 5 minutes down the road (new babies.... 5 mins down the road could have been the other side of the moon), but we got there in the nick of time, and I can honestly say I never looked back. I was made to feel so welcome and the benefits for my daughter throughout the class were very self evident.

Growing up, I danced all my life and did various shows and have played Nancy in Oliver, Sally in Cabaret and Rizzo in Grease. I trained as an actor at East 15 Acting School and when I graduated I formed a Theatre Company called ‘Short Straw’ (my fellow directors and I are all quite petite). We focused on new writing, and devised theatre and produced fringe shows at the Battersea Arts Centre, Theatre 501 and Greenwich playhouse.

Later, I met my husband, decided to settle down and get a ‘proper’ job. I have worked in fashion for the past few years but since having Poppy, the call to get back to music, dance and drama has been strong. So when Laura approached me to do a dance class I jumped at the opportunity to bring music, dance and drama to the next generation.

I look forward to getting to know you all and the exciting journey ahead!



Holly is a Tiny Acorns Class Leader


Meet Emily!

Emily is our resident artiste! She is widely recognised as "simply the best face painter ever, a real artiste."

Emily joined Tiny Acorns as a client almost 4 years ago and joined the team to manage all our arts and crafts activities and face painting more recently. Emily is actually an art teacher at multiple local schools so our art activities are in great hands!



Hi, my name is Lisa.

I came across Tiny Acorns recently when I was looking for a new direction for my life so I could be around for my daughter.

I worked in the education system for seven years and left to spend more time with my princess. After spending the last two years as a Rainbow leader, watching their faces light up and seeing the enjoyment on their mums’ faces too, I knew I wanted to do something where I would have this much fun every day. When I spoke to Laura I knew it was fate and the rest is history as they say!

I run classes in North West London and can't wait to see you all there x

Lisa, franchise owner, north west london


Lisa is a Tiny Acorns Class Leader


Hi, my name is Traci and I've been working with Laura since 2011, helping to design and maintain Tiny Acorn's website! Together we try to give you all the very best information we can and keep it all up to date so that you can easily decide which Tiny Acorns class suits you and your little one the best.

I worked for many years in the world of banking and became a Learning Design Manager in 2003, working with different departments of the bank to help them get their message across to their employees by means of online learning. In 2007, I emigrated to the USA where I now work as a Communications Specialist, helping to spread the word to varying audiences via websites and social media.

Working with Tiny Acorns has been a joy! I love to publish all the wonderful feedback on the baby & toddler classes, and see the great images of you all enjoying yourselves, making new friends and having fun with your children. We hope you enjoy the website here at If ever you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas on how we can make your experience online even better, we'd love to hear from you!

Traci - Website Designer


Traci helps to design and maintain the website for Tiny Acorns


My name is Laura and I own Tiny Acorns Ltd.

Entertaining children became a passion of mine after I had my first daughter in 2008. I tried attending many classes and groups but found them either clicky and unfriendly (we all hate being ignored, don't we!) or unnaturally over-scripted and lacking in any educational benefit for my daughter.

Tiny Acorns Baby and Toddler classes came about from my successful career as a corporate Training Manager and my twenty years as a Brownie Leader. I knew how to make things fun so that children would learn without realising but I also knew how to stimulate older brains so the grown ups don't get bored either! Realising this was a good mix, my baby class started with one client one day a week and we slowly but surely grew into the most popular classes across Hemel Hempstead, establishing further afield as our reputation grew.

I'm proud to say that 98% of my client base is via word of mouth so I know you're liking Tiny Acorns classes!

Another daughter later, the business is franchised, employs contract class teachers and has a growing database of happy grown ups and children. Tiny Acorns Ltd is going places, but I'm still very hands-on! I still teach the classes in Hemel and some in Berkhamsted. I’m determined not to forget what I love doing - meeting you all and entertaining your beautiful children. I look forward to meeting you on this exciting ride!!

Laura, Owner


Laura is the owner and founder of Tiny Acorns!


A quality learning experience for children requires a quality workforce. Tiny Acorns Ltd recognises this and ensures all classes are led by quality, well-trained, skilled staff.we strongly believe this increases the potential to deliver the best possible outcomes for children.

Hi to you all, my name is Joan and I’m Laura’s Mum!

Children and adults call me Nannie Joan. I treat all the children with love and kindness, as I do my gorgeous granddaughters.

I am a Director and Company Secretary to Tiny Acorns.

I high-five with all who want to. I stamp the toddlers with my Acorn stamp, sometimes the carers too! It's rewarding when I get a cuddle and a kiss at the end of classes, or I'm recognised by the children or carers outside of Tiny Acorns.

I love helping at parties. Whilst I can't entertain like Laura, I love helping with the arts and crafts side of things … my origami flying birds are now legendary!

Nanny Joan, Director & Company Secretary


Nanny Joan is a Director and Company Secretary of Tiny Acorns


Hi, my name is Becci.

I first discovered Tiny Acorns when my youngest was a few months old. The members of our NCT group decided to descend upon the Hemel Hempstead classes en masse and we became regulars from that first class onwards. We loved going along to the classes every week and the songs quickly became part of our daily life.

After a year off from my job as a Primary School teacher I decided that I needed to do something that offered the same level of energy but offered a better work/life balance and allowed me to do the school runs. I had seen how much my youngest (and I) had gained from the Tiny Acorns classes and it all fell into place from there!

I hope to see you at my classes!

Becci Vale, Franchise Owner, Tring & chesham


Becci is a Tiny Acorns Class Franchise Owner


Hello, my name is Victoria.

I have been going to Tiny Acorns with Eloise since she was one year old. Having previously been to a rival company with no success, I turned to Laura and Tiny Acorns and have never looked back. Tiny Acorns have provide the entertainment for both of Eloise’s birthday parties. They have done an excellent job. (They are already booked for her 3rd birthday!)

I have enjoyed seeing how much my daughter has developed in the classes. She’s a shy child in public but never in a Tiny Acorns class. Not only do they attract the nicest group of parents but the staff are second to none, that is why I have decided to join the team.

Victoria, Franchise Owner, Watford


Victoria is a Tiny Acorns Class Leader