Congratulations to the New Parents

And so today is the day HRH Prince William and his beautiful wife Catherine have bought into the world a beautiful baby boy. As I write this there is no news of a name, however I can already see the frenzy on Facebook as everyone gives their congratulations to the new parents.

A new baby is such an exciting time. Without doubt I would love to have the new Prince in my Tiny Acorns classes. Whilst I know it’s not likely, I would like to think the royals could see the benefit of socialising their baby with other babies, spending time bonding with their new baby in such a welcoming environment. To have a dedicated amount of time to spend with their baby, bonding, cuddling, kissing and tickling their new son in such a friendly atmosphere really is win-win for them all.

Kate and William would get to meet other parents who are experiencing the same highs, lows and unknowns as other parents. The baby will without doubt enjoy seeing other babies, tantalising his senses in sound, touch, smell and sight. I hope for all their sakes she gets to meet some other parents. Most importantly, I hope they are parents like you, my lovely clients – you are so friendly welcoming and supportive, you really are inspiring.

It’s a good reminder we are all born equal and while some are born into greatness and others will achieve greatness, there is always room for baby classes at Tiny Acorns!