Tiny Acorns 1 – Mothering Skills 1

I’ve been trying to find time to complete a blog entry for some time now and I never seem to get a few minutes to put finger to keyboard ……. So tonight I’m going to sit down and start talking again – which let’s face it is not something I find difficult!

I read an article (if it’s really counted as reading when it’s via an iPad?) recently which made the bold statement that ‘cleaners have the dirtiest houses, chefs eat the worst food and driving instructors are the worst drivers’ and it got me thinking, if I’m a children’s entertainer does it mean my children are the most poorly entertained…?

On one hand I’m inclined to think I’m onto something here. I mean, today while face painting, my eldest asks me to paint a princess for her, so like a good mother (read professional face painter) I do her a butterfly because I’d seen a new design I wanted to try… OK, Tiny Acorns Face Painting 1 – Mothering Skills 0.

I then spot my youngest dancing in the crowd and amusing many people with her ability to ‘shake a tail feather’ albeit to Bollywood music, skills picked up as a result solely of Tiny Acorns dance classes. So I can’t be getting it all wrong? Mothering Skills 1 – Tiny Acorns 1!

I’m on a balance. Now I have to do something to tip the balance, right?

I work to provide a future for my children, I keep a nice home, good meals, I teach them good manners. But it’s not enough.

How do you tip that balance over? For every good there’s a bad, ‘you will go to bed early’ followed by ‘OK, have one more cuddle’ or perhaps ‘no pudding if there’s dinner left’ followed by ‘let’s share some Maltesers’, or my absolute favourite (and weakness) ‘my child will not be spoiled’ chased rather rapidly by ‘yes, it is a cute doll, let’s buy it’ (on this last one I do prefer the statement ‘well-treated’ not ‘spoiled’!).

Still questioning how I tip the balance in my favour, I tuck my daughters in to bed to be greeted by a deliciously long cuddle from my youngest before my eldest says, “Mummy, I’m so glad you’re my Mummy, you make so many people smile. But you make me smile the most.” Mothering Skills 1 (and that’s all that matters).