Catching Up

Ok so who turned off the sunshine? I don’t know about you but I’m sat here in winter jeans thoroughly freezing though I’m resisting the urge to put a sweatshirt on!

It was strange not going to class this morning but it meant I got caught up on housework which has taken a backseat since Tiny Acorns took over our lives!

Tomorrow is my first full day off in 16 days though it will be spent sorting out Acorns equipment and changing the new speaker system ( are you enjoying the pumped-up volume?!) since the first one is temperamental. I’ve got admin coming out of my ears and am determined to catch up on my to-do list which seems to extend infinitely every day! Who says running a business whilst being a full time Mummy is easy?!

Lovely turn out at class today in Highfield, so nice to get to know you all and lovely to see two new babies join us.

That’s all for today. Sleep tight mummies, daddies and babies.