Summer Holidays!

And so the summer holidays have started – and the sun came out to greet us! What a relief after the wet weather we’ve had! It seems a great time to start the new Tiny Acorns blog. As all of you know I never have much to say (ahem!) so I’m sure I’ll struggle to find things to fill it!

I’m often asked if I run during the holidays and the answer is yes, I do. Why? Because many of you don’t have school-age children yet so are at a loss for things to do when the holidays start. This is why I started Tiny Acorns the way I did. I’m not a franchise, I’m an independent company and I choose where and when I work – for that reason my classes are always available and always will be. Besides, I think I’d miss you all too much if I stopped for the summer!

We had a great turn out in Berkhamsted today, especially as it’s holiday season. The Toddler class kicked us off well – the grown ups were heard singing along to our new ‘bubbles’ song (yes, I heard you but you’re not the first, it is catchy and clearly you all remember it well!).

The babies loved our new snails – I’m delighted, I fell in love with them when I saw them. But wait until you see what’s coming up!!

One birthday shout out for today – Happy first Birthday, Amaia!