Introducing Blossom

I’ve often wondered about blogs … do people read them? If so, what are they looking for? Do they want to hear about Tiny Acorns or the people behind it? You’re reading this, so good morning, good afternoon or good evening (or more likely happy middle of the night trying to stay awake feeding baby or trying to get baby to go back to sleep!).

I have two girls whose sleeping routine couldn’t be more different. Eldest daughter has never valued sleep, surviving on less sleep than the average puppy. Youngest sleeps more than the average fat and somewhat ageing cat. Clearly understanding my need for sleep, she does a minimum 12 hours, sometimes 14. Before you pelt me with maracas and rattles at class, she does however not sleep during the day and is the most ‘into everything’ baby ever. So for every up there is a down! Eldest daughter is however laid back, easy going and happy to just ‘be’ … never broke an ornament in her life and never has tantrums which youngest has mastered already!

That said, the introduction of Blossom has been a major event! Who or what is Blossom? Well ask me at class – this is a two-fold request: 1) I’ll know someone reads this and 2) if I describe Blossom here, you will think I have lost my marbles.

Nonetheless, eldest daughter is now going to bed on time, no problem and sleeping soundly! Amazing!