Changing Priorities

As I sit here in my shorts in the warm sun, I am reminded just what a difference the sunshine makes, to be able to get washing dry, to reduce the clothing bags I’m carrying to get the girls out, having the garden to water at night … the list goes on. Though I have to chuckle – just a few years ago, the sunshine meant such different things, that my commute would be unbearable, my suit too hot, my staff would be endlessly complaining that they can’t wear shorts and trainers ,to work … again the list goes on

What a difference a few months or years can make! Have you noticed how since you had your son or daughter (or both) that life’s priorities change? I now have a greater appreciation of the simple things. Take this morning – as I got the wheelie bin back in after its fortnightly collection (which is a whole other blog subject!), I saw the daily commuters walking down the hill off to their daily work, sharp suits, expensive shoes. I wandered back into the house and heard youngest stirring, to be met by that gorgeous smile with arms outstretched. No pair of Manolos could match that!

Of course it’s not all hearts and flowers. It’s now nearly 9pm and my evening consists of ironing! But, if asked would I swap my life back a few years? Not on your nelly!