Thank You for Being Special to Me

What a day! Wednesday is my day off in the week from baby and toddler classes. Tiny Acorns has to take a back seat – I do take my phone but I try not to work!

Today I took my girls to the beach, specifically Walton and Frinton, having spent many happy holidays there as a child. It of course had nothing to do with wanting to take the new car out for a spin !

New car aside (though I will say the Chrysler is FAB and fits all our paraphernalia), we had glorious weather and the girls got to play all day.

I make Wednesdays all about my girls. My 3 year old refers to it as the day when Mummy doesn’t play with her friends’ babies. She has it right on so many levels, it is the day where I am Mummy all day (not an Acorns polo shirt in site!), but what I like about her sentiment is that you’re all my friends and that’s what I built Acorns to be, about feeling like you’re among friends. I’ve got to know many of you since I’ve been doing Tiny Acorns classes in Hertfordshire and you all comment on how friendly everything is, so I’m pleased we are achieving this vital objective which is so lacking in other groups. For me, it’s not just about knowing who comes to which class, it’s about understanding who comes to each and every baby or toddler class across Herts. I hope this makes each of you feel special because you are all important and special in the continued survival of Tiny Acorns for which I am incredibly grateful. See, I even think of you all fondly on my day off!

Needless to say my girls are exhausted. Actually so am I and as today is my last day off for 6 days, I’m going to catch up on some sleep!

Goodnight all,