Long Hot Summer

Yet again I feel myself apologising for lack of blogging time! Boy, it’s hard fitting everything in!

Today is so far the hottest day of the year, that’s not really difficult though is it?! This is the first time this year (apart from my trip to Orlando) where I have thought, OK, it’s hot. I do wonder if the world is changing slightly, winters here in Hemel Hempstead seem more harsh, summers seem more wet than I ever remember them!

Or is it perhaps just that I am getting older and more weather aware?! I remember the days when News At Ten was turned off and forget the weather, never watched it. Now I find myself using multiple apps on my various gadgets to tell me what weather I can expect (I normally find the best prediction and keep my mind focused on that!).

I view the weather differently now too. I used to think, ooh a nice sunny day time to sunbathe. But times change. Now I think ooh hot weather, wonder how that will impact Tiny Acorns classes!Have I lost my ability to have fun and just enjoy a hot sunny day with an ice cream? Do I really view something as simple as the weather as a business impact? I have to admit it is hard not to. When you own a business you watch all the elements which can impact your business. Does that mean I can’t enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon? I’m not sure.

I shall ponder this while I sit in the garden eating and ice cream and dangling my feet in the paddling pool…………now where’s my book……?Laura