So I’m sitting here looking at Facebook every ten minutes (OK five, oh…alright three) and waiting for someone to say it’s snowing. I used to love the snow, sledging, snowmen ah yes. And then I grew up……travelling for work, snow meant delayed flights, missed connections and not to mention my last trip to Fargo where I went without a coat, in winter, as the snow fell it froze onto my eyelashes……..yes, snow became a chore.

As time moved on being stuck indoors with my first baby because the pram wasn’t built with skis as an optional add on (now there’s a design idea!) I started to resent the snow. Then as my daughter grew older I saw the fun of snow through fresh eyes – picture bumbo in a box on a sledge, so determined were we that she would have fun we took her out, despite her falling asleep immediately.

Child two arrives and I go back to the pram/sledge/argh conundrum.

Time moves on and I start with the fun of playing in the snow with two toddlers which is rapidly replaced with “Mummy she put snow in my shoe/down my trousers/in my ear” and I retreat into the house grumbling that snow isn’t fun really.

So to tonight, predicted 7cm of snow and I am starting to speculate on what tomorrow may look like….. Will classes run, if they do will people come, if they don’t how do I retrieve my already set up kit? Then my darling husband reminds me he’s off to work at 0730 and daughter one will be collected at 0850 for school (thanks Dad) before I head to class one at 9am with my arts assistant (thanks Mum). All these venues are either at the top or bottom of a hill, nothing ‘walkable’. Can I pull equipment on a sledge I wonder (yes I have done that before whilst pregnant!) so back to Facebook and I see people arranging play dates for a paid day off (sadly the self-employed don’t get a paid day off!).

Oh heavens, the first person to say ” But isn’t it pretty?” may get a longer response than they bargained for!