The Wonders of Technology

Now admittedly I’ve not been very good with my blogging this past few weeks. Of course, to many it might seem I have sat watching TV, filing my nails and ignoring my laptop in favour of a tub of Pringles. However, I can confirm this has been an exceptionally busy time for Tiny Acorns. Having made the decision to split some of the classes into ‘stages’, life has become more complicated as everyone finds their feet. However this has resulted in quieter classes, meaning more places available

This coupled with the fact the some of our older Squirrels (including my own little Squirrel) have started pre-school, nursery, or indeed ‘big school’, has led to a process of adjustment for us all. I’ve been delighted to see your excited little ones with their smart school uniforms and though sad to see them go, I am genuinely excited to see how they’ve all grown and changed since I’ve known you. Many of my ‘first time parents’ are now expecting (or have been joined by) baby number two and it’s been lovely to see you back at classes too, with your new little ones and their older siblings.

It makes me realise – more than I always have – just how fast time flies. It seems only yesterday Tiny Acorns was just an idea, a concept thrown around which has now evolved into increasingly popular baby classes, toddler music and toddler sports classes, face painting, parties and social events.

I’m often asked if I have always done this for a living and the simple answer is no! I was a corporate employee who led a very exciting life working all over the world. Had you told me five years ago that I’d own my own company running baby and toddler classes across Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Watford, I’d have said no chance! But here I am, doing just that! I always thought I worked at a fast pace, turning out numbers, results and projects at lightning speed. This, however, is nothing compared to the speed I can now teach classes, change nappies, cuddle my own children, complete admin – all in timeframes shorter than those imposed by any employer I have ever worked for.

This in short is only possible because of the support of two things – my family for supporting me and technology for making things faster and more efficient! I am often amazed at the speed I can switch on 6 pieces of equipment which I can set to work whilst I complete other tasks. Take this morning – on waking I check the iPhone for emails, Facebook (which is like reading a daily paper really!), text messages (because, yes, many people text me at 4am!) and then I get up. The washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher and hoover generally go on whilst the TV catches me up on the latest news. This is before we include grooming tools, irons, cookers, kettles and microwaves….sound familiar? We all work hard and we’re aided by machinery.

However, perhaps the biggest support is that of the fellow human being; physical and emotional support is something you can’t measure by how long it takes or by how much you can put into it, cook in it or tidy up with it, and yet family support still enables us to put love into it, provide warmth to our lives and tidy up our minds. Could we live without either? Yes, possibly, and whilst I’d miss my iPhone, I’d give it up in seconds to salvage family support.